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Large Collections

Kruk Cards specializes in buying large accumulations and complete inventories. No collection is too big for us to process.

We Buy Everything

We will buy everything from singles to complete sets to cases to graded cards to commons. From the late 1800’s – 2008 product we can use it all!

Cases and Pallets

Please call with any other cases you have for sale. We will make you an offer on the entire lot and can provide a truck to pick up the product.

We Will Travel For Larger Purchases

We will travel out of state if necessary. Every buy is different and there’s nothing stopping us from giving you the right price.
If you are in the Oakland County area please call to set up an appointment to sell your items.

Prepare Your Cards:

Words From The Owner

We would need to see a list of the highlights of your collection. Spend about 1-2 hours preparing a list. After reviewing the list I will have many questions but this will provide me with a good start. If we can come to an agreement on price, I can then advise on shipping methods or I could possibly come to you to pick up the collection if the dollar value warranted so. If you have a list already just forward what you have and that will help get the ball rolling. Thank You!

-George Kruk

In this list please include the following

  • Unopened wax boxes and cases
  • Complete sets
  • Key rookie cards (i.e. Mantle, Unitas, Jeter, Jordan, Gretzky, etc.)
  • Key singles and inserts (anything that books above $30)
  • Any key autographed and/or memorabilia pieces
  • Ballpark¬†number of commons¬†per sport if applicable